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    Summer School Registration Now Open

    This year, summer school is only offered online

    Click here to see what courses are offered at summer school

    Click here to register for summer school

    If you have any questions or need assistance registering, please make an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor

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    Credit Rescue Days

    April 21st and 22nd are Credit Rescue Days. From 10:30am to 12:30pm students who are not passing will be given this time to get caught up. Students who are caught up are not required to be online during this credit rescue time.

    Remote Learning Schedule for Quad 4 (beginning April 26th)

    Block 1- 8:10am-10:10am

    Break- 10:10am-10:20am

    Block 2- 10:20am-12:05pm

    LUNCH- 12:05pm- 1:15pm

    Block 3 (Study Hall)- 1:15pm-2:30pm

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    Guidance Appointments

    Cohort A and B
    Please either book an "in person" appointment for the days your cohort is physically attending school OR choose a "phone appointment" for a day when you are learning from home. You cannot attend school on a day when your cohort should be learning from home.

    Remote Learners
    Please only book phone appointments!

    Please make sure you select your counsellor based on alpha (last name).

    Click here to make an appointment with your Guidance Counsellor